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C# Async Fundamentals LiveLessons

  1. Lesson 1: Overview/1.1. Overview of the syntax and the TAP programming model.mp450.41MB
  2. Lesson 2: Sync Over Async/2.1 Lab review.mp473.91MB
  3. Lesson 2: Sync Over Async/2.2 Task.Wait blocking API.mp423.54MB
  4. Lesson 2: Sync Over Async/2.3 IAsyncResult.GetResults blocking API.mp431.78MB
  5. Lesson 2: Sync Over Async/2.4 Task.Result blocking API.mp426.82MB
  6. Lesson 2: Sync Over Async/2.5 The payoff of responsiveness.mp455.32MB
  7. Lesson 3: Async Void/3.1 Did my task finish.mp462.1MB
  8. Lesson 3: Async Void/3.2 Removing Async Void code smell.mp4103.94MB
  9. Lesson 3: Async Void/3.3 Review of app behavior changes.mp446.31MB
  10. Lesson 4: Async Serial Tasks/4.1 Await results not task launch.mp424.33MB
  11. Lesson 4: Async Serial Tasks/4.2 Searching for unnecessary awaits.mp4121.49MB
  12. Lesson 4: Async Serial Tasks/4.3 ConfigureAwait and Context affinity.mp4129.45MB
  13. Lesson 4: Async Serial Tasks/4.4 When APIs need the UI context.mp442.66MB
  14. Lesson 5: Unit Testing Async Methods/5.1 Testing logic and the fast path.mp448.38MB
  15. Lesson 5: Unit Testing Async Methods/5.2 Testing the slow path and task completion order.mp467.54MB
  16. Lesson 5: Unit Testing Async Methods/5.3 Testing for failed tasks.mp468.85MB
  17. Lesson 6: Put to practice/6.1 Putting what you've learned about Async to practice.mp439.5MB